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Octa Core Mobile Phones in Pakistan

On, you'll find latest range of Octa core smartphones available in Pakistani market.


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Octa Core Mobile Phones in Pakistan

Want the super speed mobile, may be an Octa core processor mobile is the answer to your need.

Octa core mobile phones come with the functionality of the multi-processor. These processors units are used to read and execute program instruction of the smartphones. Each core is the processing unit. But these units are better only that the processor and the software’s are designed in such a way. Octa core are consist of 8 cores. The task will be divided into 8 parts and complete the task double faster than the quad core processor. As dual core processors are made up of 2 cores, quad core with 4 cores and hexa core with 6 cores, the octa core processors are made up of 8 completely independent cores to perform task very efficiently and even double faster than quad core processor.

 Modern octa-core processors, simply have two sets of quad-core processors, which split various tasks between them according to type. In the last years, mostly smartphones companies are engage in the Quad-core power. Now the people are moving to the Octa-core processor. Whether it’s the Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus 6 P or the cheap price one plus 2. As of the last year, the mobile smartphones company that pack smartphones with more cores in the high –end PCs or laptops

When we add the more octa core in the smartphone that speed up the phone, but we find the plenty of factors that really works for the smooth performance and word of the may also include the technology that is used in chipset. Nevertheless it does not depend on the numbers of cores. It also consider on the amount of RAM, and how well the UI is optimized. There are quite a lot of different models that feature octa-core processors (all running Android). There are many factors that influence how better a smartphone works, with the technology used by chipset, the amount of RAM and how well the UI is optimized. There have been many different models that have octa core processors and show some of the best one. There are many octa core smartphones in Asia using MediaTek chipsets. But these chipsets are made by companies

Octa Core chips have double the numbers of processor. They are pretty much twice as powerful. Modern octa core chips simply have two sets of quad core processors, all modern octa-core mobile chips are based on ARM's. It is so call big chips.

This big octa-core architecture was announced in October 2011, it made enabling four low-power Cortex-A7 cores to operate with four high-performance Cortex-A15 cores. ARM has iterated on this setup annually. It provide more capable chips on both halves of the octa-core divide.

A number of major mobile chip manufacturers have based their efforts on this big.LITTLE, or octa-core, blueprint. One of the first and most notable was Samsung's own Exynos chip, which made its debut in Octa form.

Huawei's own Kirin 920 sported a similar big. while MediaTek is another chip manufacturer to adopt the big. LITTLE architecture with its MT6595 chip.That octa-core term is more than a little misleading, as it does not mean the doubling of quad-core multi-core performance. But it represents two independently operating quad-core set-ups squeezed together on one chip for the purpose of greater energy efficiency.

Having gone octa-core for its top end Snapdragon 810 and the mid-range 615 processors this year, both have had their issues. The 810 had the more high profile overheating issues that we experienced with the Sony Xperia Z3 Plus and the LG G Flex 2.