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Huawei P10 hands-on Review

Published On 26-April-2017

Rapidly Huawei has made its name as an affordable company. Offering the exceptional specifications at a very low cost is their specialty and the people normally associate Huawei along with the items lying less than 30,000/- Rs price line and most of these gadgets are fundamentally feature rich for their cost bracket.

But the things have started to change from the last few years. Along with the devices such as Honor 8 and P9, Huawei has tried puttering their feet also in the top notch devices.

Though, they have not been as successful as the inexpensive offerings of Huawei.

Along with the Huawei P10, Huawei expects to continue this top notch take along with the few interesting camera features.

Let’s take a review of this device to watch out how this smartphone performs in contradiction along with the other top notch offerings.

Design and Built-in Quality:

The Huawei P10 features a metallic back along with a screen on the top which is enough similar to Nexus 6P. Though, contrasting to the Nexus 6, the camera is flush on the rear side and is not raised above the body.

The rear side of the hone looks slim and clean looking along with a softly engraved Huawei logo at the bottom as well as a LEICA logo at the top of the camera shade. This handset really feels good in hand.

A user new to this device is bound to have one major issue from the get go of this handset which is the front mounted fingerprint sensor.

Though, looks like just the Apple’s signature home button, it is not a real press-able button and thus hence it cannot be utilized as a traditional home button.

Display Screen:

This handset features a 1080p IPS-NEO 5.1 inches display. It may not exhibit a QHD display; and to be very honest, at 5.1 inches, it doesn’t even make a much difference if a 1080p or a 2160p display is used.

Software experience

P10 comes along with the latest and exceptional software from both Huawei and Google. Along with the EMUI 5 and Android 7.0 Nougat, the things run enough smoothly on the phone.

Together with the latest version of EMUI, Huawei has tried to discover a more balanced look between Android as well as its iOS inspired look.

Performance and battery life

Huawei P10 together with a very solid Kirin 960 chipset and Mali-G71 MP8. Armed along with a 4GB of RAM, it hovers through each task thrown at it. Actually it is a fact that few P10 devices are slower as compared to the others because of the unavailability of parts. That’s why if you wish to purchase one for yourself, you must ensure that you are getting the perfect version for your given cost.

However, the top notch chipset has a disadvantage. In spite of having a 1080p display screen and 3200 mAh Li-Ion battery, the consumer will might be struggle to get a good day of use from this device before it running out of sap.

The only good thing regarding the battery life is the “Super Charger” that Huawei provides along with this handset which instantly refills the battery.

A charge of almost 10-15 minutes can provide you 4 to 5 hours of usage on the device.


Now come to the main and the major attraction of the device, the dual lens LEICA camera. The camera app by Huawei also provides some impressive snaps and also the choice to assist the users in taking better snaps in low light conditions.

The handset features the front camera of almost 8 Mega Pixel f/1.9 aperture works pretty good in a lighting condition and takes good selfies.

Final verdict:

Well! The major question that arises here is that, is this handset worth your money? Actually this one is not an easy question to answer. This is not an easy question to answer and perhaps will differ as per the requirements of the consumers.

Though, Huawei has tried to construct a very solid device along with few interesting camera hardware, it falls short in few main zones.

For the handset of price almost PKR 55,499/- in this day and age, lasting hardly even a single day on a full charge is not a satisfactory proposal.

In terms of camera, it is undoubtedly an exceptional handset. Its fingerprint reader is fast and most perfect reader that we have ever seen on any smartphone.

That’s why; ultimately, given the pros and cons of the handset, it is up to the consumers to decide if this device is worth dropping PKR 55,499 over other devices available in the market.

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